The 10%

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City Church San Francisco, 2480 Sutter Street, San Francisco

The 10% From a garden scene to the throne of a kingdom the Hebrew Bible shares insight into the lived stories of women, some perhaps unknown, but none forgotten. Scholars tell us that around 10% of the characters within the actual Hebrew Bible are women and it’s high time we heard from them! We know that not listening to the lived experience of women contributes to a lopsided view of God riddled with blind spots.

City Church itself was formed with a patriarchal lens, as were so many of your own stories, impacting how we view ourselves and God. However, we believe this presents us with an invitation to not hide those parts of our collective and personal stories, but continue to do the good work of unpacking the toxic theological ideas that hinder our goal to embody a more inclusive faith that listens well to the full range of human experiences.

This Fall we will do this through a sermon series we are calling “The 10%“. Throughout this series we will be invited into the stories of Eve, Deborah, or even Queen Esther, to name a few. We will learn the lessons that come from voices that have been historically silenced. Along the way we will also have some fantastic women guest preachers joining us as well: Jen Fisher, Angie Hong, Yolanda Norton, Mira Sawlani-Joyner, and Paula Williams. Join us this Fall as we listen and learn from The 10%.